Discover the unity found in a shared cup— a universal language that transcends borders. In every pour, we celebrate the rituals that connect us, whether it’s the Ethiopian coffee ceremony’s communal spirit or the laid-back conversations sparked over espresso.

Every blend is a tribute to the cultural richness and unity discovered in a simple, shared moment over coffee. Brew, sip, and connect with the world.

Coffee is common ground— transcending boarders and differences

  • Coffee English
    Cawfee New York Accent
    ቡና Amharic
    कॉफ़ी Hindi
    кофе Russian 
    café Spanish 
    קפה (kafeh) Hebrew
    cà phê Vietnamese

  • καφές Greek
    кава Ukraine

    Kaffee German
    kavos Lithunanian
    Kahve Turkish
    kafee Somali
    ਕਾਫੀ Punjabi
    kopi Indonesia

  • кафу Serbian
    커피 Korean
    قهوه Persian
    кафе Macedonian
    ကော်ဖီ Burmese
    cafea Romanian

    Kawa Polish

    caife Irish