About Us


The Best Damn Coffee Roasters emerged from the collaboration of three women—two rooted in New York and one from Texas—who crossed paths at a New York university.

The trio’s diverse backgrounds fostered a cultural exchange. while the New Yorkers perceived coffee as a utilitarian fuel, the Texan imparted the importance of slowing down to appreciate the ritual and experience of coffee. With Ethiopian roots as the coffee itself, the Texan unveiled richer profiles that surpassed what the New Yorkers were accepting as their daily brew.

Throughout their journey, these women frequently exchanged ideas and forged connections over cups of coffee across the city. The culmination of these interactions gave rise to The Best Damn Coffee Roasters— an endeavor with a mission to replicate the inviting ambiance of time shared with friends and loved ones through the offering of specialty grade Arabica coffee and home goods, all inspired by the comfort and camaraderie found in the simple pleasure of sharing a cup of The Best Damn Coffee.